AIX/Unix Common Commands

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AIX/Unix Commands

free			- lists available disk space
dfdb			- lists dbspaces on the system.  use ifxksh to initialize the ifx environment first
who -b			- displays last date system was rebooted
oslevel			- lists the version of the operating system
bootinfo -r 		- lists total amount of real memory installed (divide by 1024 to get MB)
startjs			- starts the job server
stopjs			- stops the job server
startvlink		- starts any interface link procedure incling Misys Vision/Optimum Charge Daemon
stopvlink		- stops any interface link procedure incling Misys Vision/Optimum Charge Daemon

Physical Volume

lspv			- lists harddisks on the system and the volume groups they are attached to
lspv -l hdisk#		- lists logical volumes on the file systems
mount			- displays currently mounted file systems
lspv physvolname	- displays information about the physical volume 'physvolname'
lspv -p physvolname	- lists physical partitions associated with this physical volume 'physvolname'
lsps -a			- lists paging space associated with physical volume  Note:  if Used=75%, you need memory

Volume Group

lsvg volgrpname		- lists details about the volume group (such as PP size, #free)
lsvg -p volgrpname	- displays name and status of physical volumes for volume group


lsdev -Cc memory	- lists all installed memory cards
lsdev -Cc adapter	- lists all interface cards installed on the system
date			- shows system date and time
errpt | more		- displays error log entries in a one-line-per-entry format
errpt -a		- displays error log in same format as the Utility menu option


penable tty#		- directs UNIX to reset a disabled terminal
pdisable tty#		- takes terminal off-line, resets terminal settings

Spooler Commands

lptstat			- shows status of all spooled printers
lptstat -pSPxx		- shows status of a specified printer
qcan -pSPxx -xJOBx	- cancels JOB#
qcan -X			- cancels all print jobs
cancel JOB#		- cancels JOB#
stopsrc -s qdaemon	- stops qdaemon
startsrc -s qdaemon	- starts qdaemon
ps -ef | grep qdaemon	- checks to see if qdaemon is running
qmov -m SP## -8		- moves job #8 to SPxx
qmov -m SP## SP##	- moves all jobs from SP## to SP##
qmove -u userID -m SP##	- moves all jobs for userID to SP##
qhld 8			- puts job #8 on hold
qhld -P SP##		- puts all jobs for SP# on hold
qhld -r 8		- releases held job #8
qhld -r -P SP##		- releases all held jobs for SP##
qadm - USP##		- takes the specified queue to an up status
qadm -DSP##		- takes the specified queue to a down status

Printing and Viewing Files

lp SP## filename	- prints contents of file to a specific printer
cat filename | more	- prints contents of file to the screen one page at a time from the beginning of the file
more filename		- prints contents of file to the screen one page at a time
tail -# filename	- shows last # of lines of file
tail filename		- shows last 10 lines of file
printout filename	- Misys print command alias.  After typing this command, the system prompts to select a printer.

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