Terminal Services Idle Timeout

Are the users getting the popup message that says:

Idle timer expired : Session has been idle over its time limit. It will be disconnected in 2 minutes. Press any key now to continue session.

If so then the idle timeout is set somewhere else. Session timeouts can be set: On the Connection object Start–>Run–>tscc.msc–>right-click RDP-Tcp–>Properties–>Sessions tab On the User object Active Directory Users & Comp–>right-click the user–>Properties–>Sessions tab On the Group Policy object Edit the GPO–>User–>Admin–>Win Comp–>Term Serv–>Sessions And Edit the GPO–>Comp–>Admin–>Win Comp–>Term Serv–>Sessions The users may not have noticed the popup window, so check the event log for Application Popup entries.

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