Enable Directory Listing in Nginx

I switched from Apache to Nginx a few months ago and have been learning many things.  One recent task I encountered was how to enable directory listing of a directory when an index file was not present.

This is what I typically see by default when trying to view a path that does not contain an index file in Nginx webserver.

Nginx’s HttpAutoIndexModule handles this.

Auto indexing can be enabled in http, server or location context.  I specifically wanted to allow auto indexing on only a particular subdirectory of my website.

I opened up Nginx’s configuration for the site I’m using which was found in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/techish.net.conf

Under the http context, I created a location context and told it to use auto indexing if it did not find an index file.

location /pub/test { autoindex on; autoindex_exact_size off; autoindex_localtime on; }

autoindex on - turns auto indexing on
autoindex_exact_size off - I want file sizes rounded (KB, MB, GB, etc.). The default is off which uses Bytes.
autoindex_localtime on - Enables the file times to be shown locally. By default this is disabled and uses GMT.

A quick reload of Nginx and then I browse to https://techish.net/pub/test and directory browsing is working. No more 403 Forbidden errors.

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