How to Manage iPhones in Enterprise Environments

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Apple has a few tools to help aid in managing iPhones in the enterprise environment.  From configuring VPN profiles, eMail accounts, wireless network configurations and ActiveSync.
You can download the iPCU (iPhone Configuration Utility) from Apple’s website:


  • iOS Enterprise Deployment Resources

    How to integrate iOS devices with your enterprise systems, including mail, calendaring and VPN. How to create and distribute custom configuration profiles and applications.
  • iPhone Support Communities – Enterprise

    Discuss this topic with fellow iPhone users.

Apple Configurator

  • Apple Configurator Help

    Apple Configurator for OS X Lion makes it easy for anyone to deploy iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in their school or business. Apple Configurator can be used to quickly configure large numbers of iOS devices with the settings, apps and data you specify for your students, employees or customers.
  • Apple Configurator: Backing up and restoring data

    You can use Time Machine or any other backup strategy to back up and restore Apple Configurator data including device configurations, users, apps, documents, iOS versions, and VPP redemption codes.
  • Using Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Redemption Codes

    Learn how to use Apple Configurator to deploy copies of paid apps using redemption codes purchased from the Volume Purchase Program (VPP).
  • Using Apple Configurator to enroll devices in Profile Manager

    Learn how to import Enrollment Profiles created in Profile Manager into Apple Configurator, then install the profiles onto devices.
  • Preserving user-installed apps when updating settings on an assigned device

    Learn how to preserve apps installed by a user who has checked out a device that is supervised by Apple Configurator.
  • Coordinating device names with labels or slot numbers in carts and racks

    You can use Apple Configurator to assign device names that correspond to a label on the device, or to the slot numbers in a charging cart or rack.

iPhone Configuration Utility

  • iPhone Configuration Utility Help

    iPhone Configuration Utility lets you easily create, maintain, encrypt, and push configuration profiles, track and install provisioning profiles and authorized applications, and capture device information including console logs.
  • iPhone Configuration Utility for Mac OS X

    Download the iPhone Configuration Utility for Mac OS X.
  • iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows

    Download the iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows.

Exchange ActiveSync

  • Exchange ActiveSync and iOS Devices

    Easily integrate iOS devices with your enterprise systems, including Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010.
  • Setting up Exchange ActiveSync

    This article explains how to setup an Exchange ActiveSync account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Contact your Exchange Server administrator if you are unsure of any of the required information.
  • Setting up a corporate email server

    This article explains the key steps for setting up a corporate mail server which can be accessed by an iOS device. These key steps will need to be completed by the IT support team or network …
  • Using S/MIME to send encrypted messages

    iOS offers support for S/MIME, allowing you to send encrypted email messages. Sending encrypted messages requires the recipient’s certificate (public key); Mail accesses this certificate using one of …
  • Issues with S/MIME and Exchange 2010

    New to iOS 5 is support for S/MIME. Learn how to resolve issues that may occur when using iOS 5 with an Exchange 2010 account.

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Enterprise Networking

  • VPN Server Configuration for iOS Devices

    Reference information for configuring your VPN server to work with iOS devices.
  • Setting up VPN

    Learn how to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Supported VPN protocols

    This article covers the basics about the VPN protocols that iOS supports. For making sure VPN is properly configured to work with iOS, you should contact your network administrator or IT Department. …
  • Install profiles with CA Certificates to simplify enterprise Wi-Fi connection process

    For a number of enterprise Wi-Fi connection types, IT administrators will deploy profiles they create with iPhone Configuration Utility to automate and/or restrict user Wi-Fi connections. Including …
  • About Auto Join and per-connection password settings

    When you create a Wi-Fi profile for an iOS device, you can configure a device to automatically join a configured wireless network and also use a per-connection password with a configured wireless …

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    Learn about enterprise solutions for managing iOS devices: securely enroll devices in an enterprise environment, wirelessly configure and update settings, monitor compliance with corporate policies, and even remotely wipe or lock managed devices.
  • Deploying iTunes for iOS Devices

    Learn how to deploy iTunes in your Enterprise.
  • Distributing Enterprise Apps for iOS Devices

    Learn about ways to distribute Enterprise apps to your iOS device users.

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