Cisco WAP571 SNMP poll of apRadioNumAssociatedStations returning 0

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For some reason on a Cisco WAP571, the SNMP value returned from apRadioNumAssociatedStations is always zero.

This is true on firmware tested WAP571 (pgwap571,

I have a few of these units around that are not updated to the latest firmware and will test that OID.

I can find data in the apAssocTable to create indexes. For now I’ve created a hack to just snmptable the apAssocTable and count return index values to then pass to Cacti to graph.

snmptable -Cl -CB -Ci -OX -Cb -Cc 16 -Cw 64 -v2c -c <community> <host:port> CISCO-WLAN-ACCESS-POINT-MIB::apAssocTable | grep index | wc -l

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