Get IBM Power system model in AIX

prtconf | head Example output: ~ # prtconf | head System Model: IBM,9131-52A Machine Serial Number: 181DF2G Processor Type: PowerPC_POWER5 …

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Test Dial on Modem in AIX

Had an issue with dialout on an AIX system this morning.  Problem resolved, but I learned a pretty handy little …

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Monitor System Performance in AIX

An easy way to get a quick overview of system performance on an AIX server is to use the topas command.

FastClaims for Tiger in AIX

So I’ve discovered that FastClaims in Allscripts Tiger AIX servers are stored in the following location. When a receipts are …

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Get serial number of AIX

This article was posted more than 1 year ago. Please keep in mind that the information on this page may …

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AIX/Unix Common Commands

AIX/Unix Commands free – lists available disk space dfdb – lists dbspaces on the system. use ifxksh to initialize the …

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